What’s new in IQCar v2.00?
Improved UI, faster and comprehensive Navigation. Faster Results: less taps needed to get what you want! Visual depiction of relevant Services before sending a Request. Calling nearby Services without waiting for a Reply. Manual Call capability from list of Tow Trucks if there’s no Reply after 5 minutes. Group Notifications based on each different issue. “Where I parked” now comes with Bluetooth Car Connectivity. Increased Coverage. Shift from Native to Hybrid technology. Performance Optimization and Bug Fixes.


How can I download IQCar App?
IQCar can be downloaded directly from the Appstore or Google Play, so it is available for both iOS and Android devices


How much does it cost?
IQCar is free to download and use!


How can I create an account?
The first time you open the app, you can create an account either by registering through email, or connecting through your Facebook account or Google+ account. We don’t post anything on your account.


Can I create a profile for more than one car?
Of course, simply go to the top left menu in the main screen, tap My Cars and then tap +New Car on the bottom of the screen


Why is it important to create a profile for my car?
Every time you make a request, either scheduled or emergency, the data of your car profile are sent anonymously to the services or recovery services you select (depending on the request you make) in order for them to be able to make an accurate estimation for your request


I have more than one car profiles. How do I change the car I want to send a request for?
When being in the main screen of Find Solution or Emergency, simply tap on the car that is highlighted (default car) and the menu will expand in order to choose for which of your cars you want to send a request for. This refers to the case you have more than one car profiles in the app.


What does it mean set as my default car in the creation of the car profile?
Your default car will be the one that appears in Find Solution and Emergency. It refers to the case you have more than one car profiles in the app.


What does Preferred Service mean?
Preferred Service is the car service you set as the one that you already are going and you are quite happy with it. In order to find it in the list, it has to be part of IQCar network of services. This car Service will receive all requests made by you and will be pre-checked every time you make a request. You can change your Preferred Service anytime you want by editing the profile of your car


How can I edit my car profile?
Simply go on the top left menu in the main screen, tap on my cars, tap on the eye icon on the photo of your car to see the details and then tap on the edit icon on the right of the picture. Don’t forget to save your changes


How can I change the language displayed in the app?
You simply tap on the top left menu in the main screen, then settings. By tapping the language set you see the available languages


How do I set Calendar Notifications?
Easy. You tap on the top left menu in the main screen and then tap Maintenance. You tap the reminder you want and roll to the date of expiration and the set date. The app will send you notifications 3 and 1 days before the expiration.


How do I add a Favorite location from Near Me?
In the Near me section, all locations have a green star at the bottom right of the map. By tapping it, you add this location to your favorites, in order to be easily accessible. All your favorites are accessible by tapping on the top left menu in the main screen and then Favorites. In order to remove a location from Favorites, simply tap on the star one more time.


Can I send a request without Text, Photo or Audio?
Adding text, photo or audio is optional. Of course, text, photo and audio are used to describe better the issue you are dealing with towards the car services you send your request to. For example, you can send a photo of the light on your dashboard, the part of your car that has a scratch and you need a touch up, or the audio of this peculiar noise from the engine you cannot understand.


What is Automatic and Manual Search?
In the Find Solution section, when you send a request, you have the option either to send it manually, or automatically.
When you choose to send it manually, you can choose from the list of services to which you want to send your request to. By tapping on each service, you see a check on the right of the service, showing that you have selected it
When you choose to send it automatically, the app sends your request to a predefined radius to all the services that can serve the type of car from your profile and the issue of your request.
In the Emergency section, only automatic search is available


How do I choose which service to go to
While sending a request, you will have the choice either to Decline, Accept, or Continue search in each communication with services/recovery services.
When you decline, the service is removed from your list
When you continue Search, the service communication stays, as you wait for more replies and choose to decide later
When you accept, your information is sent to this service, which will then contact with you. In the same time, a map with the service’s location appears in the app, where you can choose to navigate towards this location