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IQ Car App Features

The most intelligent Car App!

It’s free, convenient, safe, fast and offers you the ultimate freedom.
You will love the most easy to use intelligent Car App!


Download, sign up, create a profile for your car and experience top-rated car services. Everything is being taken care for you for free!


It’s easy to use! Breakdown, car accident or assistance? Just tap and go!


Safety comes first! No more driving to the nearest garage with a flat tire. You'll be reached wherever you are!


Just tap and choose the service of your choice. We ‘ll then make sure they ‘ll reach you!

It's fast, it's easy and it's free! The most reliable car service experience, 2 seconds away.
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IQ Car App Services

The most Safe & Convenient Car App!

IQ Car is the ultimate Car App. A wide range of IQ services are available while you’re on the go.
We offer ultimate comfort and ease at your fingertips!


Ask for a Towing Platform with a simple tap of a button.



Get your car cleaned from bumper to bumper, finding the best Car Wash around and drive away beaming.

All around 5

Major Romanian Cities


Easily find nearby Gas Stations, ATMs, Pharmacies, Car Rental, Shopping Centers and many more!


Either planned or emergency, choose the car issue you want to deal with and communicate with nearby car services in real-time.

IQ Car App

The most carefree driving experience!

Never had a car service app been so carefully crafted for you before.
IQ Car offers drivers the ultimate benefits for a carefree driving experience.
With a variety of options & ease of use.

IQ Car App Benefits

The most intelligent Car App for Free!

The time has come for a Car App to offer you both exclusivity and convenience.
IQ Car offers you the ultimate comfort and quality, while it is totally free!


Feel safe

Complete your request, rate your experience and help our IQ Car community pick the best partners. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

24/7 services

Request our services day & night, all year long. It’s amazingly simple.

Reliable Partners

IQ Car has an amazing team of experts, offering top-rated services. Rate our partners and contribute to our excellence.

save time & relax

Save time by having IQ Car arrange everything for you. You don’t even have to leave the car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how IQ Car works and how it can help you?
Have a look at the FAQ section!

What’s new in IQCar v2.00?

Improved UI, faster and comprehensive Navigation. Faster Results: less taps needed to get what you want! Visual depiction of relevant Services before sending a Request

How can I download IQCar App?

IQCar can be downloaded directly from the Appstore or Google Play, so it is available for both iOS and Android devices

How much does it cost?

IQCar is free to download and use!

How can I create an account?

The first time you open the app, you can create an account either by registering through email, or connecting through your Facebook account or Google+ account. We don’t post anything on your account.

Can I create a profile for more than one car?

Of course, simply go to the top left menu in the main screen, tap My Cars and then tap +New Car on the bottom of the screen.

Why is it important to create a profile for my car?

Every time you make a request, either scheduled or emergency, the data of your car profile are sent anonymously to the services or recovery services you select (depending on the request you make) in order for them to be able to make an accurate estimation for your request.

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